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Rolling Straight Edge TRRL42 Wheel – Digital

Mobile Rolling Straight Edge  (3 Meter)

The Rolling Straight Edge is used for measuring pavement planeness. Rolled by one person along a highway, airport runway, or bridge surface, the unit detects, registers and logs results of  high and low areas that need to be ground or re-rolled. These results can be logged and down loaded at a later stage on a computer.

Our NEW Mobile Rolling Straight Edge PLUS has GPS and a USB port for downloading of data to a USB flash drive.

Asphalt Bitumen Equipment

Execute Sampling of Asphalt Materials for Testing

Unit Standard No: 116773

NQF Level: 2

Credits: 10

Days: 3

Overview: Learners who are assessed as competent against this unit standard will be able to demonstrate competence to sample asphalt materials, under supervision, for standard laboratory testing. This unit standard will enable learners to identify hazards and protective measures during asphalt sampling, identify and prepare resource for sampling, execute sampling, label and transport samples to the laboratory. (under supervision ) The unit standard contributes to the overall competence required of the construction materials tester. The laboratory test results are used for quality control purposes during the construction and manufacturing processes as well as for final acceptance of the finished products.
Its contribution to socio-economic transformation is that learners would be able to undergo RPL-assessment and thereby receive recognition for previous learning and experience. The employability and career prospects of learners can therefore be enhanced by this qualification. Previously disadvantaged individuals with this qualification can also progress to the level 4 qualification – this will enable them to start their own businesses supplying a construction materials testing service – a process that will accelerate economic transformation and give economic empowerment.

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